The clothes reveal and codify social roles, belonging, identity.
Through the exchange of clothes and points of view, YOU AS ME / In someone else’s shoes investigates and celebrates the vulnerability,
the political and poetic potential of bodies that expose theirselves to displacement
and evade the disciplining and prescriptiveness of roles, gender categories and status.

YOU AS ME _ Flag focuses on a universal fabric of identification and signalization, the flag,
reflecting on its evocative power, on the need of belonging that it collects and on the claims it is the object of.
Made collectively during a narrative workshop, the flag is composed of heterogeneous elements that express through the fabric and its history,
its function, its origin, an idea of inclusion rather than supremacy.

YOU AS ME / In someone else’s shoes and YOU AS ME _ Flag
are photographic series, workshops and collective performances.



In agenda




Inaugurated on the occasion of the 32nd edition of the Lovers Film Festival (2017) with the performance Habitus and a critical text by Roberto Mastroianni, the project YOU AS ME / In someone else’s shoes was presented at the 3rd edition of the Fish&Chips International Erotic Film Festival with contributions of Nicoletta Daldanise (curator and art critic), Irene Dionisio (film director and director of the Lovers Film Festival), Marco Giusta (Councillor for Equal Opportunities of the City of Turin), Roberto Mastroianni (philosopher and art critic), Eugenio Torre (Jungian psychoanalyst, President of REI esistenza e individuazione).
The workshop season, opened at InGenio Arte Contemporanea (Direction Social Services, Social Policies Area – Disabled Service of the City of Turin) in dialogue with the curator and art critic Lisa Parola, was held at CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia as well as at the Librairie Vigna LGBT et féminisme of Nice, in collaboration with the IN&OUT Festival and with the participation of Villa Arson, École nationale supérieure d’art and Centre d’art contemporain, with the support of Lucia Cavallo (Progetto Habitat).
The video-photographic results of the workshops and some portraits of the series The husband / Pino as Irene were exhibited at Librairie Vigna from June to September 2018.

In autumn 2018, the new format YOU AS ME _Flag, which involved students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona and the University of Turin, inaugurated the contemporary art fair ArtVerona with a performance on the occasion of the conference What’s art for?, conducted by Catterina Seia.
The Impasse association, with the project YOU AS ME / In someone else’s shoes, was also selected for the section i9 – independent spaces of ArtVerona, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, in partnership with Artribune and MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts for The Independent.
Back in Turin, YOU AS ME _Flag involved in a workshop seventy teachers and school managers from Piedmont region for the Master Organization and management of Scholastic Institutions in multicultural contexts as well as about one hundred students from the courses of Applied Anthropology and Medical Anthropology of the University of Turin.
Due to Covid-19 health emergency containment measures, in mid-December 2020 took place the first online edition of the workshop YOU AS ME _ Flag, on the occasion of the course for Intercultural Animators proposed by the Intercultural Center of the City of Turin in collaboration with ASAI, coordinated by anthropologist Silvia Stefani.

The next live event is scheduled for June 2021 at the Festival des sciences sociales et des arts Jeu de l’Oie (MUCEM and Aix-Marseille Université).

The artist

Irene Pittatore

Irene Pittatore

Irene Pittatore (1979) is an artist and journalist based in Turin (Italy).
She is co-founder of Impasse, a cultural association which operates for both defending the cultural work (R-set. Tools for cultural workers) and promoting its public and social dimension.
Her art practice investigates the complex relationship between art, gender, economics and the public sphere through photography, performance and writing. She leads workshops and art projects with a strong participatory nature for universities, museums, businesses, social services and magazines, considering art as an agent of emancipation, individuation and care.

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